HUSP | Help Ukraine Support People

Joe (Kyiv-Kentucky)

February 24, 2022 was the day that Russia's assault on Ukraine began. I was in Washington DC.

My friends in Kyiv managed to get on a train headed west.

But when they get there, how will they get by? How will they afford the transition from average citizen to displaced refugee?

So, I transferred them some money to help. They were thankful.

At the same time, another friend and personal trainer decided to stay behind in Kyiv until the end. He’s an ex-MMA fighter. He's also a husband and father. Thankfully his family is in a safe place. But how will they get by financially?

So, I gave him and his family some money.

Thats only six out of forty-four million Ukrainians that are suffering in some form or fashion and need help.

Some of my friends have given me money to sustain the giving, and I'm in the process of distributing it now. I send the money via so it would go directly to my friends. And their friends.

Together we can help Ukrainians make it through the day. We can give them money for food, shelter, medicine and any resources they may need for their health and well being. They are people like you and me, but they're leaving their homes without any idea if they will ever return. They're staying in Ukraine - Kiev, Lviv, Khrarkiv and elsewhere - knowing their lives are at risk. They fight for themselves, for their loved ones and their country.

Joe Kyiv

Joe is from Lexington, Kentucky. He recently lived in Kyiv and still has an apartment and many friends there