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Zhenya (Kyiv-Lviv)

For five days I gathered my strength to call my mom and tell her what was going on.

For five days I was immensely afraid and it seemed that her heart could not stand it.

But it withstood and found the strength to support me and not go crazy living with my cotton-wool grandfather.

And perhaps we will not find answers to some of the questions of this war, but we will always find the strength to support, help and sympathy. And that's what's exciting. ❤️

Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Zhenya Underground Kyiv

Zhenya underground in Kyiv during the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine - hear her story

Zhenya Boyfriend Underground

Zhenya underground with her boyfriend before leaving Kyiv by train

Zhenya Lviv Firepit

Zhenya escaped Kyiv for Lviv and gathered by an outdoor fire with other displaced Ukrainians